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A Long Long WayInnocent young Willie heads off to WW1 leaving his sisters, father and the love of his life behind in Dublin. Meanwhile the Easter Rising takes place causing much confusion and heartache re loyalties etc. Lots of quiet courage in the face of death, and loyalty amongst comrades as well as all the stupid carnage and horrific trench warfare you'd expect from a WW1 novel.
by Sebastian Barry
Score: 8
Published: 2005
Read: September 16th 2012


John said

Excellent story, nice characters, quite moving. Hard not to compare to Birdsong of course, which I may have to re-read now so I can review it. Finishing this book represents my first completion of a Booker shortlist (2005), which has happened by chance rather than any deliberate plan - except for this book which I did specifically choose, just to finish off the set. Good to see I resoundingly would not have chosen the winner!

johnnysocks7 said on September 20th 2012, 19:25:54

Why not re-read All quiet on the Western Front too, while you're at it old bean?

johnnysocks7 said on September 20th 2012, 19:27:25

Also, why not set up a section in this website where you can record books you are thinking of reading - and allow others to post recommendations to it as well? That'd be neat.

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