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No Country for Old MenLlewelyn, out hunting deer, stumbles across a drugs trade gone wrong out in the desert. Virtually everyone is dead and he walks off with a suitcase of money, but returns later to give water to a dying man. At this point the baddies spot him and the chase begins, and continues through the book. The main pursuer is a psychopathic killer with a compressed air gun and a total disregard for life. Following his own 'moral' code that seems to drive him on, he leaves death and destruction wherever he goes. In the middle of this, Sheriff Bell tries to make sense of it all, protect the innocent and catch the bad guys.
by Cormac McCarthy
Score: 8
Published: 2005
Read: August 12th 2012


John said

Jolly good. Great pursuit plot, plenty of grisly killings, a wonderfully laconic Sheriff and stuff to think about like is life more important than death, aren't wars bad, and is growing old a good thing or not? Very hard to read this without hearing Tommy Lee Jones' voice playing the Sheriff:-
Deputy: 'It's a mess ain't it?'
Sheriff: 'If it aint it'll do till a mess gets here.'

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