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Jamrach's MenagerieJaffy meets Jamrach when Jamrach's escaped tiger picks him up in his mouth. From that meeting Jaffy goes to work for Jamrach and then goes on a sea voyage to find and capture alive mythical dragons. But after successfully catching a dragon their ship runs into trouble and sinks, leaving the surviving crew floating in two lifeboats. Eventually the rations run out and everyone gets very hungry indeed...
by Carol Birch
Score: 8
Published: 2011
Read: February 8th 2012


John said

Excellent, really good story, great characters. Gets pretty lurid and unpleasant when they do the 'custom of the sea' bit. Historical fiction - Jamrach was a real menagerie owner and the tiger incident happened, and the shipwreck is based on the experiences of the whaling ship Essex.

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