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The Prime MinisterThere were almost two threads to this one. A rather dull story of coalition politics, and a more interesting one of love, deception, fraud, and inheritance. Connected of course, but only by the overlap of some of the characters in the two threads. Adventurer Lopez sets himself up as a gentleman and manages to persuade Emily Wharton to fall in love with him. Despite everyone telling her not to - she marries him, but quickly regrets it as it soon becomes clear that his main interest is in chiselling money out of her wealthy dad to fund his speculative gambles on the commodities markets. Lopez also attempts to get elected to parliament, but the Silverbridge by-election becomes contentious after the Prime Minister's wife, Lady Glencora interferes against her husband's wishes.
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 7
Published: 1876
Read: July 12th 2011


John said

I found I was skimming the politics to get back to the story of Lopez and Emily. Jolly good though. Also this was the first book read on my new Amazon Kindle - a leaving gift from my friends at United Health.

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