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The CardturnerTeenager Alton is persuaded to help his elderly, blind, well-off uncle play bridge by turning his cards for him. Alton's mother is keen as she is hoping the family might get a big inheritance out of the deal. However Alton finds himself getting more and more interested in the bridge play, and meets Toni an attractive budding young bridge player. But Toni gets some of her inspired play from her dead grandmother, and Alton also uncovers some secrets from his family history.
by Louis Sachar
Score: 8.5
Published: 2010
Read: January 7th 2011


John said

Excellent story, entirely believable, even the ghostly bits! Makes me keen to have another go at playing bridge.

johnnysocks7 said on June 28th 2017, 00:22:34

Re-read this June 2017 during an IVIG session. Excellent story.

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