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TimelineA brilliant physicist invents a time travel device, but a history professor sent back to 14th century France gets stranded and his team of archaeologists has to go back to rescue him.
by Michael Crichton
Score: 8.5
Published: tbc
Read: September 1st 2001


John said

Really good - read it almost straight through, only took a day. In fact it would have been less than a day if Mr Reach Sopeap hadn't come round to drag me off to his fish station! Mind you, it cost $8 at the London Book Centre! There was just one bit where the rescuers seem to spend the whole time escaping from one place to be caught just down the corridor when it seemed a bit silly. I would guess he is expecting a film! Re-read this in a skimmy kind of way in early December as there wasn't much else in the house.

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