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CarrieCarrie is a misfit - teased and persecuted at school, and with a totally wacko religious-nut mother for good measure. However she does have telekentic powers. She gets invited to the prom by the school hunk (as a result of hunk's actual girlfriend feeling guilty about a particularly nasty bit of Carrie-baiting). But the school bully/bitch (who has been banned from the prom as a result of the same bullying) arranges a bloody surprise for Carrie and her partner. This annoys Carrie quite a lot and she unleashes all her telekenetic powers, resulting in death and destruction for pretty much the whole town.
by Stephen King
Score: 6.5
Published: 1974
Read: November 5th 2010


John said

Stephen King's first successful novel I think. A bit simplistic, but good story. Not the slightest bit scary, or even atmospheric though, which is surely the point of a Stephen King?

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