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When Will There be Good News?Jo survives a traumatic childhood incident when her mum and siblings are murdered, but when the murderer is released from jail 30 years later she has more problems to cope with, as she gets kidnapped by her husband's criminal rivals. Chief Inspector Louise gets involved in all this, as does Jackson Brodie, mainly by a series of slightly unbelievable coincidences, especially the train crash, as Bodie is only on the train by mistake, and it just happens to crash outside Reggie's front door... Mind you one of the themes of this literary detective thriller is fate, so maybe it was all just meant to happen.
by Kate Atkinson
Score: 7.5
Published: 2010
Read: September 22nd 2010


John said

Quite good really. Liked the Reggie character a lot, and the dog, Sadie, was excellent. And I spotted a theme!

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