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Phineas ReduxPhineas returns to the London political scene after his wife Mary dies in childbirth. He gets elected to Tankerville amidst the furore of both bribery (by his opponent) and the thorny issue of church-state reformation. He wins the seat once his opponent has been done for bribery, but while he hopes for a fulfilling and remunerative ministerial post, Mr Bonteen, one of his political enemies, is constantly talking him down, especially in reference to the Laura Kennedy affair... Anyway, it then suddenly gets even worse when Bonteen gets murdered and Phineas is the prime suspect and goes on trial for his life. However Madame Goesler (amongst others) is convinced of his innocence and rushes off to find some useful evidence in Bohemia to demonstrate beyond doubt that the murderer was in fact Emilius - Lady Eustace's (of diamonds fame) ex-husband. So it all works out OK, Phineas gets released from Newgate without a stain on his sofa, re-elected as MP for Tankerville, decides he's a bit fed up with office anyway, and marries the wealthy Madame Goesler, leaving only Lady Laura a bit upset.
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 7.5
Published: 1873
Read: August 1st 2010


John said

Pretty good. Much easier to write the synopsis if you do it the day you finish the book, incidentally.

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