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The Eyes of DarknessTina, ex-Las Vegas showgirl is now a millionaire show choreographer divorcee with a dead son. But weird poltergeist stuff starts happening eg cold air, messages on dead son's chalkboard etc, just at the same time as she meets tough but handsome and sensitive bloke and someone blows up her house. She decides that her dead son isn't dead but is sending her telekinetic messages. Which he is. Not dead, but part of government medical experiments, but what with the not-dead son's telekinetic powers it is actually very straightforward to rescue him as he just opens locked doors for them and stops everyone's weapon working. Simple.
by Dean Koontz
Score: 4
Published: 1981
Read: May 7th 2010


John said

Poor. Read this in one flight from Southampton to Amsterdam. Although I did have to skip quite a lot where he kept trying to develop characters in a tedious and unnecessary way.

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