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The Cider House RulesDr Larch runs an orphanage/abortion clinic in 1930's rural Maine when abortion is illegal. Homer is one of his orphans, who grows up at the orphanage following several unsuccessful adoption attempts. He learns obstetrics at Dr Larch's side but maintains he won't perform an abortion himself. Eventually he goes to live on an apple orchard with Candy and Wally, falls in love with Candy, and then feels terribly guilty when he sleeps with Candy while Wally away at WW2 suffering paralysing injuries, and she conceives Angel... and there's Melody, and Alzheimer's-suffering Senior, and Fuzzy Stone and the station-master, and all the various occupants of the cider house...
by John Irving
Score: 8.5
Published: 1985
Read: April 11th 2010


John said

Excellent - seems to cover huge amounts of ground, but always with totally believable characters having stressful decisions to make!

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