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The Girl with a Dragon TattooBlomkissed is an investigative journalist for a Swedish magazine who gets roped in to solving an ancient mysterious murder of a young woman from a wealthy and eccentric industrialist family. He seems to spend most of the book meeting members of this family, most of who have potential motives for nastiness. the rest of the book is taken up by young Salamander (the girl with the DT) who goes around exacting revenge on men she doesn't like. Eventually she and Blomfeld get together and solve the mystery...
by Stieg Larsson
Score: 6
Published: 2008
Read: March 15th 2010


John said

Well this had a lot of hype. Everyone raved about it. I thought it was a bit dull, and the characters were either silly or just unrealistic. Published posthumously (he had a heart attack in 2005) and amazingly, Wikipedia says he was second best selling author of 2008! Read this in NZ March 2010, mostly during wedding preparations, which might explain lack of focus.

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