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Die TryingJack Reacher (inside leg 95cm) is kidnapped along with the lovely Holly (FBI agent and president's god daughter) when she picks up her dry cleaning one day. Jack, ex-military police, is fortunately very good at hitting people, picking locks, escaping and shooting accurately over great distances. Holly would probably be able to look after herself anyway if she hadn't damaged her cruciate ligament playing soccer the other day. Anyway, their captors turn out to be weird white supremacist types trying to build their own nation in Montana, but not surprisingly, they are no match for Jack and Holly.
by Lee Child
Score: 6.5
Published: 1998
Read: May 15th 2009


John said

Bit of a page-turner, but very silly. I liked having Jack's CV inside the front cover - always useful to be able to check the hero's inside leg measurement at any time.

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