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The Small House at AllingtonMrs Dale and her two daughters, Bell and Lily, live in the small house, gifted to them by Mrs Dale's brother in law, the squire. The squire's son, Bernard, brings his friend Crosbie to stay and he falls in love with Lily and they get engaged. But ambitious Crosbie is hoping the squire will give Lily a dowry and ends up jilting her and getting engaged to the Duchess' daughter instead. But local boy Eames has always loved Lily and he beats up Crosbie at Paddington station, and tries his luck with Lily...
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 7.5
Published: 1864
Read: April 27th 2009


John said

Excellent! And the poor, but beautiful and good girls, end up richer than they ever expected, and one of them at least gets to marry a good man.

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