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Framley ParsonageLucy Robarts, 5ft 2in, and rather brown, goes to live with her brother, the parson Mark Robarts. Mark and his wife Fanny depend on Lady Lufton's patronage, but she is a bit put out when her son, Lord Lufton, falls for demure (but clever and lovely) Lucy, who of course, is far beneath him in station (and height). At the same time Mark is struggling to cope with his 'friend' Sowerby's constant requests for money, and ends up having to deal with the bailiffs when he can't repay the loans he signed his name to on Sowerby's behalf. Dr Thorne, Griselda Grantly, Miss Dunstable, and the Bishop's wife all play great roles too, and we finish up with four weddings!
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 8
Published: 1861
Read: April 21st 2009


John said

Excellent, lots of good threads to the story, and the good but poor people end up on top and much richer, as usual. (Especially Dr Thorne)

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