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Clouds of WitnessWimsey's brother is accused of murdering Cathcart, Mary's fiance, at their country retreat. Lots of different stories from the other guests of the house leave Wimsey and Parker floundering to start with, and the accused duke doesn't help by refusing to say what he was up to out on the moor at 3.00am, but eventually they get the footprints sorted out, track down the elusive lovers and ex-lovers, and the Duke is proved innocent. Of the murder at least - philandering of course isn't a crime, and they manage to hush that up. Also, Parker begins to fancy Mary...
by Dorothy L Sayers
Score: 6
Published: 1926
Read: March 7th 2009


John said

OK, I suppose. Good bit where Peter returns from US with vital evidence - on an aeroplane of all things.

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