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The WardenMr Harding is the Warden of Hiram's hospital, and he receives 800 pounds a year (from Hiram's 400 year-old will) of which only a small proportion goes to the 12 charity-case inmates. Mr Bold proposes to rectify this injustice and begins legal proceedings, but it gets complicated as Mr Harding basically agrees that it seems unfair, and also Bold loves Eleanor, Harding's daughter. Harding is attacked from his own side too, by his son-in-law, Grantly, who wants to defend every penny of church income, and does not want Harding to concede anything...
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 7
Published: 1855
Read: January 19th 2009


John said

Very enjoyable, although I was surprised no-one ever seemed to seriously suggest just giving a bit more of the income to some other needy people.

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