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The Behaviour of MothsA strange family mystery story. Ageing, reclusive and slightly obsessive compulsive Ginny lives alone in her decaying mansion, from which she has got rid of most of the furniture, but has kept all the dead moths and lepidopterist equipment that she and her father used in their careers. Then her sister Viv arrives and Ginny slowly has to learn some truths about their family history, in particular regarding the death of their drunkard mother...
by Poppy Adams
Score: 7
Published: 2008
Read: October 26th 2008


John said

Quite good, but seemed a bit one-paced. Stolid might be the word. Good ending though, as the revelations came out. Lots of not very interesting info about moths, although I didn't know about pupal soup, which was probably a metaphor for something. This was one of the books I ordered from Amazon which took about 8 weeks to get to Atyrau.

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