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The World According to BertieMore tales from the residents of 44 Scotland Street. This time Bertie is suffering again as his mum has repainted his room pink, and having passed Grade 7 on the saxophone he is now having to study for Grade 8. He's still having psychotherapy too, but he finds it interesting that his new born brother closely resembles the doctor. In other news, vain Bruce gets trapped into engagement, but by a dim rich girl, Pat and Matthew split up as Matthew falls in love with Bertie's teacher, and Angus the artist gets reunited with his dog who spends much of the book under arrest for biting someone - but it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity.
by Alexander McCall Smith
Score: 7
Published: 2007
Read: July 24th 2008


John said

Fun, and enjoyable - I looked forward to seeing how each character's plot developed (except Dominica and her odd neighbour who were a bit dull). Borrowed this from Richard and Michelle during our weekend visit to the RA Summer Exhibition.

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