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An Old CaptivityOut of work seaplane pilot Ross applies for a job with an expedition to Greenland, expecting fun and adventure, but discovers he will be organising and flying an academic archaeological survey expedition for Prof. Lockwood and his initially frosty but later lovely daughter Alix. Ross has to do all the work on the trip so he gets very tired and stressed and overdoes things with his sleeping pills. Then one night, as they sleep in their camp, (which the eskimoes have warned them is haunted by ancient spirits) Ross fails to wake up for 36 hours, and instead lives a dream of ancient Norse/Scottish settlers...
by Nevil Shute
Score: 7.5
Published: 1940
Read: June 4th 2008


John said

Pretty enjoyable, lots of great details on how to operate a seaplane in icy/foggy northern waters in the 1940's, and even the weird mystical dream bit doesn't seem out of place. Read this through in one day, having to stay up to 1.00am to finish it.

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