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The Gift of RainPhillip Hutton is a mixed-race Anglo/Chinese boy growing up in Penang in the build up to WW2. He meets a Japanese master of aikijutsu who takes him on as his student, but slowly realises that their strengthening bond will be affected by torn loyalties as the war breaks out and the Japanese invade. And why was he strangely familiar - did they know each other in previous lives?
by Tan Twan Eng
Score: 7
Published: 2007
Read: March 6th 2008


John said

Quite good, great story, but I didn't quite believe in the characters sometimes. Phillips decision to work as translator for the Japanese seemed bizarre, as was his father's expectation of carrying on the company's business through the war. And the flashbacks to previous lives didn't work at all I thought - didn't add anything.

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