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Number 10Edward Clare, New Labour Prime Minister, has a bit of a breakdown and goes off incognito on a tour of the country with Jack, the policeman from the doorstep. Meanwhile his wife stops taking her pills and also goes a bit funny.
by Sue Townsend
Score: 6.5
Published: 2003
Read: December 28th 2007


John said

OK, not as funny as Adrian Mole, but quite entertaining.

johnnysocks7 said on April 20th 2017, 09:56:29

Re-read this on 29 April 2017 while off sick from work. I thought as I was reading it that I had possibly read it before, but wasn't quite sure until I came here to check. I'd possibly give it a slightly higher score this time round, maybe 7.5. Made me laugh out loud a few times.

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