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Orbitsville JudgementThe third Orbitsville book sees the giant shell splitting up into 500 million (or is it billion) Earth-type planets, but not before some strange portents send the weirdo religious nutters rushing round trying to dig out an old spaceship so they can escape from the (constructed-by-the-Devil) Orbitsville in search of some planet-based Eden or other. Unfortunately their ship's engines are repaired by a permanently drunk sort of physicist/engineer who doesn't like criticism so the ship doesn't fly very well. The air-con however works fine as the 'hero' is in charge of that.
by Bob Shaw
Score: 7
Published: 1990
Read: September 4th 2007


John said

Very dated style (have just entered date published - can't believe it's 1990!), and the characterisation was distinctly dodgy as the 'hero' (anti-hero?) spends a lot of his time being nasty to people on purpose, trying to deceive/destroy the woman he thinks took him a ride (to be fair she did persuade him to give all his belongings and cash to the silly cult and then abandoned him). But he sort of finds God at the end and gets the girl anyway! Would read the first two again if I could find them in the library

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