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Thirteen MoonsLife story of bloke in Tennessee(?) who starts off by being thrown out of his step-parents house to go and be apprenticed to a frontier type store in the mountains (Appalachians?), but ends up being adopted by the local indians, in fact becoming a sort of 'white-chief', a sort of lawyer, and a sort of military chief. Also sort of falls in love with Claire who he sort of wins in a card game.
by Charles Frazier
Score: 6
Published: 2006
Read: August 25th 2007


John said

Hmmm, not great, although I was keen to finish it just to see what happened. Characters were rubbish though, right from the beginning where the young naive lad goes straight from being lost in the mountains and having all his kit stolen to beating the tough guys at cards. Not very believable.

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