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The Cold MoonParaplegic detective and his beautiful and clever sidekick/girlfriend (both of whom are in a series I think) have to solve the case of the nasty deaths where the body has a clock left nearby. But girlfriend has to solve her own case too, of corrupt policemen. And she learns her father may well have been one of the corrupt coppers too! Oh dear! Fortunately, following many plot twists it turns out the two cases are connected, the baddy gets mostly foiled and girlfriend decides not to resign after all. And 'Rookie' gets condescended too all the way through! Plenty of perps, wits and vics.
by Jeffery Deaver
Score: 7
Published: 2006
Read: June 9th 2006


John said

Entertaining in a rubbishy thriller kind of way. But ultimately a rubbishy thriller. So I quite liked it! Got this out the library purely because I'd read a rave review on Amazon about another Deaver.

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