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VelocityBilly the barman has to deal with a psychopathic killer who sends him notes giving him impossible choices about who/how will be killed next. He can't go to the police though, as the killer is cleverly making it look like Billy does all the killings. So instead he just chucks a succession of bodies down the nearest handy bottomless lava tube, while working out how to stop the killer getting to the most important victim - his old girlfriend who's been in a coma for years dreaming she's in a Charles Dickens novel. And then just at the end it turns out that it's not one, but two psychopathic killers, working together, and that it's all for art's sake. Billy works it all out just in time thanks to the weird (but very attractive) bargirl colleague who can work out what everything means by looking at dead things.
by Dean Koontz
Score: 3
Published: 2005
Read: March 3rd 2006


John said

Terrific plot, heart-warming characters and above all, wonderful dialogue. This is sarcasm. Absolute rubbish.

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