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The WoodlandersGrace is supposed to marry Giles Winterbourne, simple but honest woodsman. But Grace's father decides that after spending so much on her education she deserves better and matches her up with the local doctor, Fitzpiers. But he turns out to be a bit of a wanderer, and wanders off with the local lady. Eventually he comes back though, but just as Grace and Giles are thinking things might work out between them after all. But just when you are looking for a happy ending, Giles gets pneumonia and dies.
by Thomas Hardy
Score: 7.5
Published: 1887
Read: October 26th 2003


John said

I wouldn't say this was my favourite Hardy, although it is apparently the one that he liked best. Near the beginning I went through phases of liking it but then being bored, but once I reached the middle bit it was all good going. I still think The Mayor of Casterbridge is my fave so far, although Far From the Madding Crowd is good too, especially the sheep.

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