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ClayhangerStory of Edwin Clayhanger, and his father Darius, who brings him up to take over the family printing business, although Edwin harbours early ambitions to be an architect. Meets Hilda Lessways with whom he falls in love, but in spite of agreeing between them a secret engagement, the next he knows of her is that she is in Brighton married to someone else. Women eh?
by Arnold Bennett
Score: 7.5
Published: 1910
Read: September 5th 2003


John said

Jolly good, must read Hilda Lessways next.Just re-read this 12/01/09 (on my eBook reader). Enjoyed it very much and now really will go and read Hilda Lessways next. (On my eBook reader. Did I mention that I got a new eBook reader for Christmas? Well I did!)

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