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To the HiltThe hero, Al, is entrusted by a Scottish lord relative to keep the Pride of the Kinlochs (an old sword hilt) safe. Also his stepfather has a heart attack and he (Al) has to go and look after the brewery which is in dire straits as the Finance Director has just done a runner with a load of electronic cash. Fortunately Al is a painter and can paint or draw all the baddies he comes up against, which helps, especially when he has to deal with the jealous daughter, who is in cahoots with the nasty lawyer. Good bit with some torture on a hot barbecue grill. Oh, and Al has a racehorse trainer wife with whom he doesn't live but he gets to sleep with her every now and then.
by Dick Francis
Score: 7.5
Published: 1996
Read: May 6th 2003


John said

Pretty good Dick Francis actually, with a great stoical understated hero who is a very clever, gifted and modest. For a change.

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