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Undue InfluenceA woman, living alone in London, with parents both now dead, strikes up a strange relationship with Martin, a goodlooking intelligent man who is tied (and seemingly devoted to) his bedridden, demanding wife. The wife dies, and the woman continues her relationship with Martin, which develops a bit, until it finishes. Also, she works in a bookshop (until that, too, finishes) and has a friend called Kitty, or something else just as unlikely. Wiggy! I've just remembered! Can't for the life of me remember the woman's name though.
by Anita Brookner
Score: 2
Published: 1999
Read: March 5th 2003


John said

Well, this was a real struggle to finish. You're reading it, and then, all of a sudden, nothing happens! Then, as if to try and catch you out, nothing happens again. Dull dull dull. The 'heroine', if we can call her such, is so self-analytical it is tedious beyond belief. She spends her whole time thinking about her view of life, and makes the mistake of thinking we are interested in it! The only good bit was actually on the last pages, which had a good twist. Me and Greg both read this and have already spent literally minutes slagging it off to each other. So it has at least provided some small entertainment.

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