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Deadly DecisionsWell Temperence is off again, exhuming remains, taking DNA samples, looking at blood spatter patterns, enhancing photos and generally being all scientific and clever about things. Meanwhile her dumb colleagues seem to stumble around in the dark, relying on their hunches, and ignoring Tempe's jolly useful information, leaving her to find the Hell's Angel biker villains pretty much on her own. Again. And look after her wayward nephew at the same time.
by Kathy Reichs
Score: 4
Published: 2000
Read: February 10th 2003


John said

This was pretty bad - a bunch of totally contrived characters, bumping around in a plot that just stumbled from one biker corpse to the next, and the Texan nephew was so stupid it was beyond belief (so maybe she got some characterisation spot on?). Odd use of language too - someone involved in a discussion is a 'discussant'? Maybe French is her first language. And check out the grim author photo inside the front cover - fake smile or what?

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