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The Third TwinDr Jeannie is doing research into nature vs nurture with sets of identical twins. But one twin she turns up is mysteriously accused of rape and arson. Ahaa! seems pretty obvious? But no - the other twin has been safe and sound in prison. And why is Professor Meanie so determined to diss the lovely and athletic Dr. J? Could it be that her research is about to turn up an unpleasant memory from the early days of Prof Meanie's experiments with trying to clone the perfect American? Just as he is trying to sell his genetics company for $180m? Oops, bad timing Prof Meanie!
by Ken Follett
Score: 8
Published: 1996
Read: February 7th 2003


John said

Crumbs, this was really good, I seem to have read it in 1.5 days flat! Lots of good characters, just the right amount of tastefully depicted violence, fragments of DNA all over the place (any book that actually mentions adenine, cytosine, thymine, and the other one, has got to be good), some good cops, some bad cops, courtroom scenes, a cute (but intelligent and liberated, though sensitive) heroine, and some really bad baddies. Marvellous - nice one Ken!

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