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An Unsuitable Job for a WomanCordelia inherits her boss' Detective Agency when he commits suicide. I forget why he commits suicide. Anyway, she then gets offered a case to work out why Mark, a Cambridge drop-out, son of famous conservationist/micro-biologist, has hanged himself. Turns out of course that Mark was murdered by his own father (for some reason, which was never very convincing.) And I can't remember why the father asked Cordelia to investigate, given that he did it in the first place. I mean, what a plonker. Anyway, he (the father) gets killed by the secretary woman who is the son's real mother, who later gets killed in a car crash in Spain. Lunn, the loyal lab assistant, gets killed too, in a car crash.
by P.D. James
Score: 5
Published: 1974
Read: January 19th 2003


John said

What a load of rubbish. Totally unconvincing plot, and some horribly contrived characters. Really spun out at the end, just when you really want it all to finish. And Inspector Adam Dalgliesh has to stick his oar in at the end too. One good bit where Cordelia gets chucked down a well, but, sadly, she manages to escape and the story struggles on.

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