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Can You Forgive her?The main plot concerns Alice Vavasour, who begins the novel engaged to worthy Mr. John Grey, but she breaks this off, and becomes re-engaged to her cousin George, a hopeful (but poor) prospect for the House of Commons. But George's true colours eventually show through, and Mr. Grey's persistence and faith in Alice eventually pays off. Other sub-plots include Lady Glencora's relationship with both her new husband and her old lover, and wealthy Aunt Greenow's enjoyment of her widowhood, playing off two suitors against each other.
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 8.5
Published: 1865
Read: January 7th 2003


John said

Terrific. Really enjoyed reading this. Mostly, I guess, for the fascinating plots, well-told story, and excellent descriptions - the characters themselves, while fairly believable, didn't really generate any real affection, although I did like Lady Glencora for being so rude about people. Great fox-hunting scene, and the bit where they read the will was very exciting!

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