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The Track of the CatAnna Pigeon, a Park Ranger in a Texan National Park (Guadalope Mountain, or GUMO), gets suspicious when a colleague of hers is found dead, apparently killed by a mountain lion. But, strangely, no-one else takes her suspicions seriously. She is the only one that can establish the truth, and prove that the cat is innocent! At the same time she has to come to terms with her partner's recent (non-feline) death, and sort out her sexuality - does she really fancy Christina? Fortunately her sister is a New York psychiatrist, so she can always phone her up for a chat.
by Nevada Barr
Score: 5
Published: tbc
Read: June 20th 2002


John said

Well. This is the worst book I have read for a long time, but bad in an entertaining way, so it gets a slightly higher mark than it might have done. Can't wait to read the other Anna Pigeon mysteries.

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