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Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Greek islanders on Cephalonia suffer the occupying Italian army. Correlli and Pelagia the Doctor's daughter fall in love, but are doomed never to marry. In fact Pelagia is engaged to a local fisherman Mandras who goes to fight with the Greek resistance and is transformed into an insensitive monster. Re-read this, finishing 23 October 2002 - really fab again!
Great stuff! Funny and tragic.
Score: 9.5
Published: tbc
Read: March 27th 2001

Birds Without Wings
Story of the villagers in a small Turkish town, and what happens to them during the various wars they have to endure.
Jolly good, but not as good as Cpt Correlli.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2004
Read: October 23rd 2005