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Ottilie Coulter and the Narroway Hunt
Ottilie and Gully live a quiet but independent life in the caves with their useless mum until one night Gully disappears. Ottilie tracks him down and discovers he has been abducted by the Narroway Hunt - an organisation that kidnaps likely young men in order to train them to fight the evil dredretches, a range of nasty beasts whose sole aim is to kill humans. Disguised as a boy Ottile infiltrates the Hunt and trains alongside her brother. Can she keep her femaleness hidden until she has proven her skills?
Jolly good, although started off a bit slowly maybe. A recommendation from Laila.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2018
Read: August 19th 2020

Ottilie Colter and the Master of Monsters
Ottilie continues her training with the Narroway Hunt, killing dredretches left, right and centre. Lots of fussing about witches, and she learns to ride a wingerslink called Maestro.
Quite good, pacy and exciting.
Score: 8
Published: 2019
Read: August 23rd 2020

Ottilie Colter and the Withering World
Ottilie learns that the dredretches are all controlled by a powerful witch, who seems to have an ancient grievance with the royal family.
Battles and rescues, drama and excitement.
Score: 8
Published: 2020
Read: August 25th 2020