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The Secret Room
A woman wakes up in hospital having apparently tried to commit suicide. But it's not that simple. Her best friend has just gone off and married her (the woman's) fiance and a spot of memory loss, together with bodies turning up in the woods makes it a tough puzzle for the police to solve.
Not bad at all
Score: 7
Published: tbc
Read: February 19th 2002

The Shape of Snakes
A woman finds the body of black Mad Annie in the gutter, and 20 years later is still trying to prove it was murder not a traffic accident, hindered by the vicious jealousies, intrigues. and disagreements of her old neighbours.
Not great, it was a bit confusing, and the heroine was a bit of a bitch really. But maybe that was the point.
Score: 6.5
Published: tbc
Read: March 29th 2002