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Marrying the Mistress
Oldish bloke marries his much younger mistress. Only I don't think he does in the end. Family strife on the way, naturally.
Hmmmm. Entertaining I suppose.
Score: 7
Published: tbc
Read: June 30th 2001

A Spanish Lover
Two sisters (twins). One single but successful businesswoman, one happily married with kids. Family one gets into problems when their arty business struggles. Single one goes off to Spain, meets lover...
All right I suppose.
Score: 7
Published: tbc
Read: July 2nd 2001

The Rector's Wife
Anna is married to Peter, vicar of a small rural parish, but she finds her life unstimulating, dull, difficult and her feelings for Peter are changing. When Peter fails to get the archdeacon job he wanted, Anna gets a job at the local supermarket, which ruffles the feathers of the local church-going community.
I don't know, her books are just all the same, a woman has some kind of midlife crisis and goes off in a different direction in order to sort things out. Things usually work out OK in the end, and everyone becomes a little bit wiser. Maybe I won't read any more of her stuff.
Score: 5
Published: 1991
Read: October 27th 2002