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Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction
Adrian moves out of his parents house and into his own loft, has bizarre relationship with weird kooky girl who makes dollshouses, falls in love with her more normal sister, gets into loads of debt, realises Pandora is not for him, and tries to get his money back from travel agent as his holiday was interrupted by war in Iraq. Nigel losing his eyesight.
Quite good, quite funny, quite entertaining. Re-read July 06.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2004
Read: December 9th 2005

True Confessions of Adrian Albert Mole
Some odd bits of Adrian's diary/life. And some of Sue's too, and also Margaret Hilda Roberts.
OK. Sure I've read some of this in other books - is she recycling?
Score: 5.5
Published: 1989
Read: September 20th 2006

Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years
Adrian moves on a bit, goes to London for a bit to be with Bianca, who gets cystitis, and tells him to wear better shoes and clothes. Writes dreadful novel.
Ok, quite funny, especially the bits with Bianca.
Score: 7
Published: 1993
Read: September 21st 2006

Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years
Adrian grows up some more, now aged 30 1/4, he is working in a restaurant in London, discovers that he is Glenn Botts' father, and his and Pandora's parents do some partner-swapping.
OK, quite funny, although not as good as the next one where he lives at Rat Wharf and gets into debt.
Score: 6.5
Published: 1999
Read: September 25th 2006

Number 10
Edward Clare, New Labour Prime Minister, has a bit of a breakdown and goes off incognito on a tour of the country with Jack, the policeman from the doorstep. Meanwhile his wife stops taking her pills and also goes a bit funny.
OK, not as funny as Adrian Mole, but quite entertaining.
Score: 6.5
Published: 2003
Read: December 28th 2007

Adrian Mole - The Prostrate Years
Adrian's story continues, now aged 39.25. Living with his wife Daisy, who seems to have gone off him, next door to his parents, who are threatening to go on Jeremy Kyle, Adrian has to cope with recession and an unreliable bladder...
Bit dull this one compared with some of the others - all very bleak and not many laughs.
Score: 6.5
Published: 2009
Read: December 29th 2009

Queen Camilla
Britain has become a republic and the Royal Family have been exiled to an Exclusion Zone in the East Midlands, along with petty criminals, drug addicts, slappers and hoodies. The Queen abdicates, leaving Charles wondering if he is ready or willing to be king, alongside Queen Camilla, should the political tide turn and the Royal Family be reinstated.
Some pretty funny bits, including Camilla's dog food curry, and constable Dwayne's induction.
Score: 7
Published: 2006
Read: January 10th 2011

The Woman who Went to Bed for a Year
Eva and Brian seem pleased when they have to say goodbye to their precocious twins (Brian and Brianna) who are off to university, but then Eva just decides to take to her bed, and stays there. Life continues to revolve around her however, much as she might like to escape it, and she becomes a local celebrity, called upon for help and advice, while her marriage and family relationships all suffer.
Pretty funny in places.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2012
Read: June 25th 2014