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Newly qualified solicitor Jonathan Harker travels to Count Dracula's castle in Transylvania to help him sort the paperwork out for the house he is buying in England. But Dracula locks him in the castle and he has to escape by climbing down the wall, avoiding the three lady vampires and the wolves as he does so. Meanwhile Dracula goes to Whitby and starts biting people, especially Lucy (Jonathan's fiancee's best friend). Lucy becomes a vampire but then Dr Seward from the loony bin gets his friend van Helsing over from Amsterdam, and he knows all about garlic, crucifixes, and wooden stakes through the heart. They do the stake business on Lucy and then chase Dracula around who has now started biting Jonathan's fiancee. They track him back to the Carpathian mountains and reach a final showdown as Dracula attempts to regain the safety of his castle.
Great story - and quite frightening. Had to stop reading once when I was alone in the house...!
Score: 8
Published: 1897
Read: June 7th 2008