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Missing, Presumed
Manon is a 39-year old female detective working on the Major Incident Team in Cambridge when a beautiful post-grad goes missing in dodgy-looking circumstances. As the days pass and no trace is found the police begin to realise they are probably looking for a body. But as they uncover more and more details of her life a complex web of possible motives emerges - beautiful boyfriend about to be dumped, lesbian lover/old friend, or connections to criminals imprisoned years ago...? And everyone seems to have a cast-iron alibi... Manon also has a tricky personal life, searching for a partner but only finding idiots via internet-dating, an estranged sister, a mother who died years ago and a despised step-mother...
This was OK, but it stuttered along for quite a few chapters in the middle, in a very ho-hum all a bit ordinary kind of way, but the ending was good - both the resolution of the mystery and Manon's personal life (sort of) coming together. I would guess she has read all the Rebus stories, seemed a similar model of crime/personality approach.
Score: 7.5
Published: 2016
Read: July 26th 2017