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Angle of Repose
Story of a newly married couple, she an educated intellectual, artistic and verbose, he a mining engineer, clever, hard-working, and principled. They move out west, where his career lies and in the struggle to survive discover that they don't know each other so well. The story is told by her grandson, an aging disabled historian who spends his time researching their life and writing a book. His own life has been complex and as he uncovers the secrets of his grandmother's life, his own past catches up with him. Won the Pulitzer Prize.
Fantastic - best book I have read for a long time. The past and present bits were weaved so well into each other, that each switch from one to the other was welcome. Great story, super characters, and I was sympathetic to the grandfather engineer who expressed himself through action as he didn't do verbal stuff so well.
Score: 9
Published: 1971
Read: December 16th 2002

Crossing to Safety
The story of two couples. one wealthy, one poor, both academic, who meet and become instant friends.
Well, a bit stolid really.
Score: 6.5
Published: 1987
Read: November 18th 2016