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The Thirteenth Tale
Well, it's complicated! Aging and reclusive author Vida Winter writes to a virtually unknown biographer, Margaret, and asks her to write up her life story. Margaret is reluctant at first but when she realises that a pair of twins form the focus of the story she cannot resist the lure of the expert story-teller. Over a period of time Ms Winter relates her story but Margaret has to do much of her own research too - can she even trust Ms Winter to tell the truth? She has after all spent her whole life writing stories, and has made a point of making up her own life-histories in the past.
Really good book. Complex but just about manageable family history and intrigue (both gruesome and bizarre), along with some great characters, exciting plot, vivid dramas and a great theme of stories, books and reading throughout. I might even have to read Jane Eyre again.
Score: 9
Published: 2006
Read: May 30th 2014