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The Interpretation of Murder
Sigmund Freud goes to New York with a retinue in tow including Carl Jung, only to get involved in a murder mystery as the bodies of a girl or two (possibly) turns up. Part of retinue then gets involved with victim #2(3?) who gets tied up and beaten but then survives. Is she doing it to herself? Is she a head-case? And is the coroner involved too? Why do bodies keep going missing from the morgue?
Ummmm, not great. Too confusing, with people getting oedipus complexes all over the place. Or not. Depending whether you think Freud or Jung is right. Managed to struggle to the end though. This was a Richard & Judy shortlist book that I bought at Heathrow.
Score: 6.5
Published: 2006
Read: March 10th 2007