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The Floating Brothel
The story of the voyage of the ship Lady Julian which left London in 1789 bound for Australia with a cargo of female convicts aboard. The journey is fraught with peril but with competent seamanship and a relatively benevolent attitude from the officers and sailors towards their prisoners (many of whom, as the title suggests, get benefits from the arrangements), nearly everyone arrives alive, only to find that the fledgling colony is fighting for its own survival.
Interesting history but I thought related in a rather dry and dull way. She seemed to be trying too hard to paint little pictures of the different characters, but possibly because she had very little info to go on, this kept turning into a tedious list of the petty thefts the different women had carried out. But, you know, not awful. Recommended by Alison as in Steve & Alison.
Score: 6.5
Published: 2001
Read: January 31st 2018