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The Fountainhead
Roark is an idealistic and talented architect who ignores his traditional schooling and instead designs according to his own instincts and abilities, never compromising his own ideals. College-mate Peter is the opposite, learning the system, playing the political game, and he progresses to the top of the profession. They fall for the same woman who has her own strange philosophy of life, working hard for the tabloid newspaper magnate even though she knows its all drivel. Then she marries first Peter, then the magnate, while all along she loves Roark - who in the meantime becomes a bit more successful, Peter falls from grace...
Bit of a story, bit of a romance but mostly philosophy (Rand's Objectivism). Quite a good read really, as the story has some twists and turns, although the characters are all very extreme portrayals of a type. The philosophy seems to be mostly about valuing individual excellence rather than supporting the struggling masses. Which just leaves you thinking its rather bad luck on the not necessarily very talented or opportunity-rich masses. Although I like the bit about aspiring and idealistic creativity etc.
Score: 7
Published: 1943
Read: April 25th 2011