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Bel Canto
Opera singer goes to sing at special birthday party for Japanese business man hosted by S. American President. But terrorists break in to the party and take everyone hostage except the President who changed his schedule at the last minute to watch his favourite soap opera. Multi-lingual guests rely on Japanese translator for all their communication and after several weeks of stalemate terrorists and hostages alike seem to be brought together by beautiful singing, learning to read, and love. But eventually their isolation from the outside world has to end...
Pretty good, I liked all the characters and the singing was excellent. The ending seemed a bit contrived and overly sad though.
Score: 8
Published: 2001
Read: May 24th 2009

The Dutch House
Danny and Maeve grow up in the Dutch House with their father and mother until the mother, who has always felt stifled in the opulent house, walks out on them to go and do good deeds in the world. Life continues when father re-marries Andrea, until the death of their father leaves Andrea in possession of the house and the children are kicked out, and have to go and grow up as best they can. And the original mother reappears.
Good story, nicely told.
Score: 8
Published: 2019
Read: December 15th 2020