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The Wind-up Bird Chronicle
Mr.Okada and his wife lose their cat, and then the wife goes missing too. Meanwhile Mr. Okada meets the strange girl from down the alley and together they explore the derelict property with the dried-up well. As he's unemployed, he has plenty of time to wander around, sit on benches and meet strange people, one of whom relates his story of war-time horror in the Outer Mongolian desert. Now this story ends up with the chap contemplating life from down the bottom of a dried-up well, and with there being another dried-up well so handy, Mr Okada decides he will give it a try too.
Jolly good, in a mystical, weird kind of way. I would read more Murakami, but not straight away I think. This was originally recommended by Arnaldo, during our holiday in Vietnam. only took me 5 years to get round to it!
Score: 7.5
Published: 1994
Read: October 15th 2007

Norwegian Wood
Toru is a university student in 1960's Japan, struggling to sort out his relationships. His best friend killed himself aged 17 and he kind of inherited his girlfriend (very beautiful but a bit of a morose headcase). And then he also meets another girl he quite likes (very beautiful and a lively headcase). He spends some time at the retreat/asylum place that girlfriend 1 ends up at, and meets her room-mate, an older woman who tries to offer advice. She can play Beatles songs on the guitar too.
Quite enjoyed this, considering the high suicide rate. Got a bit dreary.
Score: 7
Published: 1987
Read: March 29th 2008