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A Place of Execution
It's the early 60's and a tiny rural community in the Derbyshire Peaks is traumatised by the disappearance of Alison a healthy, happy 13 year old. Inspector Grunge (can't remember his name), a young aspiring policeman is in charge, and spares no effort to track down and prosecute the killer, Alison's stepfather. But years after he is tried and found guilty and evidence comes to light.
Really good - kept me totally hooked, hence reading it in two days flat. Characters mostly totally believable, even though there were some weird ones in there. Story exciting, searches, questionning, trials, discoveries, all good stuff.
Score: 7.5
Published: tbc
Read: September 6th 2002

Blue Genes
Kate Brannigan is a detective in Manchester who is simultaneously trying to save her share of the partnership, track down some con merchants selling non-existent gravestones, help a punk band who are being picked on, and, what might be the main thread of the story, find out who killed a woman doctor who has been helping lesbian women conceive without the aid of any sperm. Busy woman.
Well a bit crap really, nothing like as good as that other one of hers I read recently. All seemed a bit silly and unbelievable really, and the dialogue was a bit dodgy in places.
Score: 6.5
Published: tbc
Read: September 28th 2002